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Welcome! Search FREE on this website for information about homes for rent in Rhode Island. Browse through rental property descriptions and see pictures of RI houses for rent, condos for rent, town houses for rent, rental houses, duplexes for rent, vacation rentals and small apartments offered by landlords and property managers in Rhode Island. Locating houses for rent in Providence, Fall River, Warwick and other types of home rentals in Rhode Island is easy using your mouse! Select the location and home rental features during your rental search and then view all the matching rental homes in the Rhode Island city or area you picked.

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Statistics and facts about major cities and neighborhoods

Before beginning your RI home rental search, take a moment to review the quick facts about some of the major cities in Rhode Island. In many cases, you may not know the name of the county where a neighborhood is located. For each major city in RI, we have provided indexes below of all the communities located in the same county where there may be available homes for rent.

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PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND - Providence is a large city with an estimated population of around 177,000 people. Providence is in Providence County in the Providence/Fall River/Warwick/ metro area. Providence is also the state capital and is the largest city in the state. It is a port city and a major trade center. Providence homes for rent are easily viewed by a metro or city search. Other types of rental property such as townhouses for rent, condos, duplexes, and apartments for rent, are frequently posted by landlords and property managers in Providence. Providence County encompasses over 413 miles and there are many cities, towns, and communities where you can find houses for rent.

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND - Information and photos of homes for rent in Warwick, RI is available by searching in Kent County or the Providence metro area. Warwick is on the Pawtuxet River and Narragansett Baby and had about 87,000 residents in 2003.

CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND - Cranston is a large city also located in Providence County within the Providence metro area. In 2003, there were an estimated 82,000 residents. Cranston, RI home rentals tend to go quickly so be sure and ask for email alerts in this city. Cranston is a suburb and highly desirable area for home for rent. If you are interested in moving here, you may also want to look in the nearby communities listed below for rental homes.

PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND - Moving to Pawtucket? To get information about available homes for rent in Pawtucket, RI, try the broad Providence metro area or type in the city name on the homepage. Pawtucket is in Providence County and is home to nearly 75,000 people. Rentals in Pawtucket generally go quickly because hundreds of home rental searches are made for this area every day on RentalHouses.com. Find rental houses as well as other types of rentals in Pawtucket by city, metro or county.

EAST PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND - People looking in this city for home rentals have several options to search by. Select the Providence metro or search exclusively by the city name. East Providence, also located city in Providence County, has a resident population around 50,000. East Providence is a popular rental home search so if you have houses, condos, duplexes, townhomes or small apartments for rent in East Providence, be sure and post them here!

WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND -Woonsocket is on the Blackstone River in Providence County within the Providence metro area. According to recent figures, Woonsocket had an approximate population of around 45,000.

NORTH PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND - The city of North Providence is also in Providence County within the Providence metro area. Providence County is said to be one of the fastest growing counties in RI. In the city of North Providence, the estimated population is around 32,500 residents. To view information on rental houses or homes for rent of other types, run a metro or city search in this area.

WEST WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND - West Warwick is located in the Providence, RI metro area and has about 30,000 people residing there. Renters who need information on rental homes in West Warwick can search in Kent County for rental property offered by landlords and property managers or the larger metro area itself. Rental houses in West Warwick and other rentals in West Warwick are frequently advertised so be sure to check our site often.

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND - A long ago summer retreat for the rich, Newport, RI is a smaller city with about 27,000 residents. Newport is on the Narragansett Bay in the Providence metro area. Locate information on rental property such as homes, condos, and apartments for rent easily by the city or metro search. If you would prefer to narrow your home rental search to a specific county, Newport, RI, is in Newport County.

BRISTOL, RHODE ISLAND - Property managers and landlords update rentals in Bristol, RI, periodically on this site. Available homes for rent in Bristol, RI and other types of rentals such as condos, townhouses, duplexes or apartments are also posted. To read information or see photos about these rentals, search is in Bristol County or in the Providence metro area.

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