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What is is an international online rental property advertising website where your house rentals, townhouses for rent, condos for rent, duplexes, and other vacant residential rental property can be viewed by millions of searchers on the Internet looking for houses for rent in your area. Tenants search for a home for rent by specific metros or cities for FREE with no registration or membership required.

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How does work?

Landlords, home owners, and property managers list their houses for rent, small apartment rentals, duplexes, condos and townhomes for rent, on our website. Listing a home rental ad only takes a few minutes and it is immediately live to millions of potential tenants online. Renters search our website FREE and find your rental home listing. They can contact you by email or phone about your available home rentals.

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Are there really that many people using the Internet?

Yes. Currently millions of people are searching online for houses for rent. In fact, online rental home searching is by far the most popular method for locating a new house for rent for many reasons. Tenants like the convenience of searching from their home or office computer 24/7. Renters today want more information about home rentals in their area than typical classified ads can offer - and they get that on Rental Houses.

Photos, photos, photos! Renters want to see photos and detailed descriptions of the rental homes, along with maps, driving directions, and school information. The ability to inquire about a home rental listing by email and/or phone also gives the tenant searching more flexibility and chances for immediate responses from the landlord or property management company.

In the past five years, Internet usage growth has doubled. Clearly, the modern tenant population today chooses the Internet over any other means for locating a house for rent or other types of home rentals. Statistics also show a huge jump in the number of people ages 49 and older who now surf the internet for homes for rent, shopping, and more. For more information on this subject, visit

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How do renters find your website?

That's easy. People searching on the Internet use specific "search engines" through their web browsers such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. has the key words "rental houses" as their website name and those are common words used to search for rental homes online. Search engines pick up those key words and the website returns in the results. We also have incoming links from highly ranked websites that direct renters to our website.

Renters choose our website because we do not require them to pay or register to search for rental homes. Over 57 percent of our visitors, bookmark our website for future reference. With our newest searching feature powered by google maps, it is even easier to view search results and find nearby home rentals. Our website is very popular with renters and they tell friends and family members about us.

We utilize search engine specialists to monitor our rankings in the top search engines so potential renters will find our website to view your rental property. will continue to comply with a code of ethics in SEO that will ensure increasingly higher and higher organic search engine rankings in the future. In addition to the above, Rental Houses uses television, radio, billboard, and direct mail is used.

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What are the advantages of using over newspaper classifieds?

Time, money, and maximum exposure! Besides our very competitive rates and multiple listing plans, landlords, home owners, and property managers, tell us about the enormous time saving benefit of placing a home rental ad on our website with photos and detailed descriptions. They spend less time on the telephone, receive quality leads, and find tenants for their rental homes much faster. Advertising on is typically 1/30th the cost of an average classified ad where you have very little space for description and limited exposure.

A full page listing allows you to completely describe everything about the home for rent including all of the features and amenities. Each listing provides space for 10 quality photos of the interior and exterior of the rental home. There is a map link on each home rental listing so renters know exactly where the rental property is located. An additional link provides parents with school information. When you receive an email or phone call from a' searcher, it is an informed tenant seriously interested in your vacancy with very little questions. You can log-in and see how many people have viewed your listing, sent an email, and/or requested your phone number. Each viewing is the equivalent of a phone call.

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What computer skills and equipment do you need to use

Basic computer skills, an email address, and an Internet connection are all that is required. To add photos to your listing, a digital camera is the easiest way, but scanning your photos is also an option. If you don't own a digital camera or a scanner, offers several other photo services for you. Our website is designed with the novice computer user in mind as well as the well skilled user.

To set up your account, you simply follow the steps which are outlined for you. To manage your listings, it's as simple as logging-in with your email and password and choosing what course of action you want to take. It's all done with the click of a mouse from any computer with Internet access.

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What does a listing include?

Every listing includes up to 10 high quality photos, complete contact information by phone and/or email links, a link to your company website on each home rental ad, a place for your company logo on each listing, and a generous space for additional text description.

Each listing also has an area showing all the amenities, a map for location and driving directions, a printable flyer icon, international and national exposure to tenants online, and different language translations with a single mouse click. Every listing is assigned a unique ID listing number which is printed on our available yard signs with text messaging functionality. Upon sign up, you can choose a company keyword which allows you to send potential renters to our website to search for only your properties by entering your company keyword on the homepage search tab.

As you enter each new listing, all the information and photos are stored in your database for easy re-activation of the property when it becomes available in the future. By keeping your entire rental property inventory on Rental Houses, you can manage your listings from any computer with an internet connection. You can also see how many times your home rental ad has been viewed, how many emails were sent to you, and the number of times your phone number was requested from the ad.


What advertising plans do you offer?

Depending on your needs, there are several advertising plans available. view details

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Can I purchase a company website from

Yes. offers several choices in professional company websites to give your company an Internet presence of its very own. One of the websites we offer will automatically update your rentals in your company website when you make changes to your database! This eliminates double data entry saving you even more time and keeping your new website up-to-date easily. View details and prices.

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Can my database of listings be integrated and dynamically displayed on my current website?

Yes. If you have an existing company website, your database of listings can be displayed through a link on your website and automatically updated on your website when you make a change in your database. 

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What features are included in the Management Reporting System?

We have created an easy way for you to advertise and manage your inventory of rental homes online without the need for additional expensive software. You can generate standard property management reports, add multiple users, set security levels for each user, create customized reports, and much more. learn more

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Is there a longterm commitment?

You are not tied to any long-term commitment and there are no cancellation fees. No contract is required in addition to the terms of use policy which all users must agree and accept for any account. Once you activate any individual 30, 60, or 90 day listing, you are only charged for that amount under the applicable listing plan and are not subject to renewal fees unless you renew the listing.

If you establish any multi-unit listing account there will be a recurring charge to your credit card billed every 30 days. To cancel, simply notify customer service in writing by email at (or by letter) two (2) days before your next recurring charge, and we will cancel the recurring billing charge for the next billing cycle.

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