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Getting Started Guide

Instructions for Setting up your new account and adding your available Homes for Rent

Thank you for choosing Rental to advertise your houses for rent and other home rentals. is the premier website for advertising vacant rental homes, condos for rent, duplexes, townhouses and townhomes for rent, and small apartment rentals. We made creating your home rental advertising account and posting your houses for rent very easy - and it just takes a few minutes. There is no contract required and you can choose from several different house rental plans.

Our user-friendly system will automatically professionally format your home rental listings for you. Simply fill in the contact information and then add your rental home listings one by one. Type a detailed description in the text field, place a checkmark in the boxes for the rental home amenities and add photos for each of your houses for rent. Once you enter the home rental property information, it is archived in your database unless you delete it. When you find a tenant for any of your houses for rent in the database, you simply log in and choose "edit/view listings." Select "inactive" to remove your home rentals from active searches.

Should any of your houses or homes for rent in your database become vacant again, you simply log in and make the archived home rental ad "active" with the click of a mouse. All of your information and photos of your homes for rent will be saved in the control panel for you automatically.

STEP 1. Create your account.

STEP 2. Follow the simple instructions on the screen below.

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How to add your Homes for Rent and Photos

Rental Houses has an easy-to-use "add a listing" form that makes advertising your house rentals both quick and easy. Very basic computer skills and an Internet connection is all you need to post your houses for rent as well as other types of rentals such as condos for rent, duplexes, townhomes or townhouses for rent, or even small apartment rentals.

Photos of your homes for rent will attract 8 to 10 times more potential tenants to view your home rental ad! Unlike classified ads, by using Rental Houses property managers and owners can advertise homes for rent in full color with detailed descriptions and really showcase the best features of the home rental. is very easy to use to list your houses for rent. There are instructions throughout the entire process, if you need assistance. It generally takes about ten minutes to set up your new home rental listing and immediately show it online to thousands of renters who are searching on Rental for homes for rent in their cities and nationally. is a complete advertising, marketing, and management system for property managers and owners. Free support and technical assistance is always available by email or by phone.

STEP 1. Simply type in the information on the sign up form and begin adding your homes for rent.

STEP 2. On the "add a listing" form enter the home rental information and place a checkmark beside all of the rental home features and amenities. Your listing is automatically formatted by our system.

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Adding Pictures to Your Listing

Adding photos to your rental home ad is a great way to increase interest in your rental property and attract more searchers to view your home rental.. Simply take some photos with a digital camera and save them on your computer in a file. After you complete the "add a listing" form, the next step is to add photos of your home for rent.

On the "add photos" page, select "Browse" and find the files that contain the photos of your homes for rent. Select a picture of the house rental from your computer and click the "upload photo" button. Repeat these steps until you have loaded all of your home rental photos. Feedback from thousands of tenants who search on Rental Houses, tells us that ten quality photos of the interior and exterior of your rental home is just the right amount. Web pages with very large photos and more than ten photos may cause computer hangups and drastically increase the loading time of the web page for the many renters who are still using dial-up services.

Landlords and property managers have the ability to edit and/or add additional photos of the houses for rent by logging in to their account and choosing the "view/edit listings" button. Select the home rental listing you want to add photos to and click on the "edit photos" button and follow the simple instructions above.

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Listing Help

Use all available features to maximize your listing’s effectiveness

Renters searching on expect much more information than what can be derived from a newspaper ad or a barebones, classified ad-styled website.

Painting a complete picture of the property and lease you are offering through a thorough description and use of ten photos should lead to your not having to waste time answering the same basic questions over and over, and result in more serious and qualified leads. See the sample listing below to better understand how to get the most from your listing.

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Listings Control Panel

Once you have created an account on Rental, you will be able to login to your Listings Control Panel using your email and password.

From the Control Panel, you will be able to manage all aspects of your rental home listings. You can use our rental management reporting system, create standard and custom reports, print monthly billing statements, and quickly view all the statistics about your rental ads. Information available to you includes your number of ad views, emails received, and clicks to your company website.

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Home Rentals Management Reporting System

Easily generate reports about your rental homes and houses for rent through your control panel and print reports.

Landlords and Property Managers, use your Rental Houses database and control panel to generate industry standard reports and customized reports about your inventory of homes for rent. Easily track your vacant home rentals, your houses for rent with deposits, homes for rent that are on hold, and more. All the information you enter on a home rental ad is automatically stored by our system under the listing reports feature.

In one easy-to-use system,you can now advertise your rental houses, townhouses for rent, apartments, condos for rent, or duplexes, AND use the same database to track the reports you need such as rent roll, vacancy, turnover, and renewal data reports! Quickly display a list of vacancies to potential renters or print-outs to your staff.

The company administrator or owner of the account can assign a security level to other property managers or users in the company who post rental home listings in the account, limiting access to important company information or deletions and changes. You can print out a list of all home rentals in a specific property manager's control.

View detailed reports about your house rentals in a spreadsheet. Easily customize your reports and select just the information you want to see about your homes for rent in your database. Track current rent amounts and previous rent amounts on your houses for rent and even sort by individual property managers assigned to the rental property in your company.

For property managers or owners with multiple home rental advertising plans, we provide an automated billing statement section for your convenience. Simply login to your Rental Houses account and click on "billing statements." With this new feature you can quickly print out an account history of all the homes for rent that were advertised during your billing cycle and the fees paid to Property managers can insert their contractual administration fees per rental home listing and it is automatically calculated on the individual billing statements for you.

Our FREE built-in rental home management system provides counters to track all of the activity for each home rental listing. You can quickly see how many times each listing of your homes for rent were viewed by potential renters. In addition to that, property managers can see how many times the phone number for the home rental ad was requested, how many emails were sent about the house for rent - and even read the actual emails! For property management companies who have a company website, Rental Houses provides an additional counter that tracks how many times a renter looked at one of your rental home ads and clicked through to your company website for more information.

Welcome to - a complete advertising, marketing, and rental property management system!

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