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Idaho Rent to Own, Lease Purchase & Lease Option Homes offers Idaho rent-to-own homes throughout the state for buyers-tenants seeking a gateway from renting to selling and for sellers-landlords looking for a purchase commitment. An Idaho lease option allows the buyer-tenant to pay a more substantial deposit than in a normal lease, regular rent and a rent premium that goes toward the eventual purchase of the home at the end of the lease. A lease purchase in Idaho is another alternative and generally has the same guidelines as a lease option, except the lease purchase obligates the tenant to buy the home when the lease expires.

Successful lease purchase or option agreements hinge on thorough contracts and planning by both parties. Rent-to-own homes in Idaho allow buyers-tenants time to raise their credit or save money while providing sellers-landlords sale security not afforded them in normal leases.  So, if you’re a buyer or a seller looking for an Idaho lease-to-own home, let find lease purchases and lease options for you today.

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