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Houses for Rent in Kilgore, Texas

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Find Perfect Houses for Rent in Kilgore, TX

Just south of Interstate 20 in eastern Texas is the city of Kilgore. The closest major city is Shreveport, Louisiana, but Texarkana and Dallas aren't far either. Although famous for its rich oil history, homes for rent in Kilgore are still great for families today. With Kilgore College, Meadowbrook Park, a cute downtown area and many convenient larger stores, Kilgore is an excellent place to settle your family. There's plenty of oil commemoration in the community, as well as other attractions that families and visitors will love. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • Kilgore is best known for its oil. The town's oil boom started in December 1929 when 70-year-old Columbus Joiner drilled his third well in the area and struck a vast reserve of crude oil. Throughout the '30s and much of the 20th century, East Texas provided a large amount of oil to the area and the U.S. military. 
  • Kilgore is home to the East Texas Oil Museum. Located at Kilgore College, the museum provides visitors with tons of information on the oil culture and history of the area. The World's Richest Acre Park is also in Kilgore and represents an area where there was large concentration of oil derricks. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The Kilgore News Journal is a great news source for renters in this community. This newspaper covers local events, reports on politics and brings residents all the sports, opinion and news the area cares about. 
  • Looking to enroll your children in school in Kilgore? Visit the Kilgore Independent School District website for additional information and details. The district has seven facilities. 
  • Renters will want to bookmark the Kilgore official city website. This internet resource helps connect residents with various services, provides information about upcoming events, and gives visitors help, details and directions.